Rescue Dawn (2006)
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Rescue Dawn 2006

Rescue Dawn: A US Fighter pilots epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War.

Solar rating:10 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 912 views
Version 121 views
Version 257 views
Version 174 views
Version 6Promo Host 17860 views
Version 81 views
Version 8Promo Host 14527 views
Version 543 views
Version 95 views
Version 8 views
Version 1323 views
Version 674 views
Version 74 views
Version 4220 views
Version 696 views
Version 59 views
Version 1513 views
Version 1267 views
Version 459 views
Version 885 views
Version 1546 views


1960s Admiral Air Raid Aircraft Carrier Airplane Airplane Accident Airplane Crash All Male Cast Ambush American Abroad Ant Ants Nest Apology Archive Footage Automatic Rifle Based On Documentary Based On True Story Birthday Birthday Cake Birthday Party Bomb Bomber Bombing Boy Bridge Butterfly Captive Caterpillar Children Crash Landing Cult Director Death Death Of Friend Decapitation Defecation Delusion Digging Dog Dragging Someone Dying Eating Eating A Snake Eating Worm Eccentric Emaciation Endurance Escape Exploding Airplane Fighter Pilot Fire Fish Fishing Flood Food Foot Lock Foot Pursuit Friend Friendly Fire Friendship German American German Expatriate Guerilla Gulf Of Tonkin Gun Gurney Hallucination Handcuffs Hanging Upside Down Happy Birthday To You Heavy Rain Helicopter Hope Hospital Hunger Imperative In Title Insect Jungle Laos Laotian Army Laotian Soldier Leech Letters From Home Loss Of Friend Loss Of Hearing Machete Machine Gun Maggot Male Bonding Male Camaraderie Martial Arts Midget Military Mirror Mudslide Murder Nail Naval Officer Net Fishing Noose Nurse Optimism Overgrown With Vines Passport Pathet Lao Pilot Pipe Smoking Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Pow Prison Break Prison Camp Prison Guard Prisoner Prisoner Abuse Prisoner Of War Prisoner Of War Camp Prologue Pursuit Raft Rain Rainstorm Reference To Hitler Rescue Rice Rice Paddy Rifle Rifle Held To Head River River Rapids Running Secret Mission Ship Shoe Shot In The Chest Signal Fire Singer Singing Slow Motion Scene Snake Soldier Starvation Storytelling Struggle For Survival Survival Survivor Tearjerker Tied Up Tinnitus Title Spoken By Character Toothpaste Torture Translator Truck Unkempt Long Hair Upside Down View US Air Force US Navy US Sailor Vietcong Vietnam Vietnam War Vietnamese Army Vietnamese Soldier Village Violence Vomit War Crime War Hero Washed Downhill Watching Film Watching Instructional Film Water Buffalo Water Torture Waterfall Welcome Home Party What Happened To Epilogue Will To Live Worm

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