Lights of Variety (1950)
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Lights of Variety 1950

Lights of Variety: When a young woman of beauty and talent joins a provincial vaudeville troupe, theyre suddenly playing to packed houses, and their aging comic Checco Dalmonte gets big ideas. He falls in love with the ingenue, Liliana, and ignores his companion of several years, Melina Amour. (She wants to marry Checco and shes saving to open a deli.) Also, believing he can be an impresario, he hires other actors and begins rehearsal for a revue that will star Liliana and himself. Liliana admires Checco, but shes being squired around town by Adelmo Conti, the assistant to the regions biggest impresario. Can Checcos new troupe hold onto Liliana, and how will Melina fare?

Solar rating:6 /10

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Actor Actress Ambition Applause Aspirin Band Beer Beggar Beret Bewitching Bicycle Bikini Bisceglie Italy Bologna Italy Boogie Woogie Brazilian Bronx Cheer Cancan Carpenter Cat Champagne Chauffeur Children Choreographer Chorus Line Cigarette Smoking Clarinet Clarinet Player Clown Comedian Commandatore Costume Cowboy Crowd Crying Dancer Dancing Destiny Diploma Dog Donkey Drum Drummer Eating Eating Glass Face Slap Fainting Falling In Love Falling To Ones Knees Fame Farmer Father Daughter Relationship Fever Fiance Fiancee Relationship Fight First Communion Flamenco Florence Italy Flowers Foggia Italy Food Friend Friendship Gong Goose Grandfather Clock Guitar Guitarist Gun Gypsy Hammer Homelessness Horse And Carriage Hotel Owner Huckster Hungarian Husband Wife Relationship Impresario Infatuation Jazz Jealousy Jitterbug Journalist Kiss Landlord Lawyer Lobster Love Love Triangle Loyalty Machismo Magician Makeup Male Female Relationship Maresca Italy Memento Milan Italy Milanese Molfetta Italy Money Music Hall Naples Italy Necklace Nightclub Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Orchestra Oxen Paris France Pasties Penguin Pescara Italy Photograph Pianist Piano Pistol Pizzeria Policeman Radio Railway Station Rain Reference To Buffalo Bill Reference To Dante Reference To Figaro Reference To Garibaldi Reference To Napoleon Reference To Verdi Rehearsal Rome Italy Rooftop Russian Salerno Italy Scotch Whiskey Sexist Sforzesco Castle Milan Sharpshooter Show Business Sicily Italy Singer Singing Sleeping Song Stage Elevator Street Artist Swimsuit Talent Scout Tango Tattoo Taxi Tears Theatre Theatre Audience Theatre Director Theatre Producer Theatre Production Theatrical Troupe Toilet Town Square Train Traveling Travelling Players Trumpet Trumpeter Turban Umbrella Underwear Unrequited Love Variety Show Vaudeville Ventriloquist Viennese Villa Waltz White Tie And Tails Wine Wink

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