Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952)
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Zombies of the Stratosphere 1952

Zombies of the Stratosphere: Security agent Larry Martin, who can fly with an experimental rocket suit, investigates clandestine visits to earth by a Martian spaceship. Meanwhile, villainous Martians conspire with a traitorous atomic scientist to blast earth out of its orbit and replace it with Mars! Can Larry and his cohort Bob Wilson stop the Martians before they complete their dastardly project? Not a zombie in sight.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2Sponsor Host 10963 views
Version 3Sponsor Host 1599 views
Version 4veehd.com 157 views


1950s Action Hero Agent Airfield Airplane Alien Alien Creature Alien Planet Alley Anchor Archive Footage Atomic Bomb Axe B Movie Back Pack Backpack Bank Bank Clerk Bank Robbery Battle Boat Rental Bomb Booby Trap Brawl Broadcast Buoy California Cannon Car Chase Cargo Cave Chamber Chase Chemical Chemical Vat Cliffhanger Climate Container Contraband Control Tower Crash Creature Danger Death Depth Charge Desert Destruction Diving Dock Doctor Dying Planet Earth Electronics Episodic Equipment Escape Espionage Execution Executioner Factory Fall Over Cliff Falling From Height Falling Into Water Falling Over A Cliff Fantasy World Fear Fight Fishnet Flashback Flying Flying Ace Freight Train Fuel Gang Gang Member Gas Gas Chamber Getaway Gun Gunfight Handcuffs Harbor Harbor Patrol Held At Gunpoint Henchman Herd Hideout High Voltage Line Highway Hijacking Hill Homing Device Horse Hostage Humanoid Hurdles Hydrogen Hydrogen Bomb Interrogation Invasion Iron Island Killer Killing Lake Launch Lorry Low Budget Film Map Mars The Planet Martian Mastermind Mine Monitor Monster Motorboat Murder Murderer Mutant Mutant Creature Orbit Ore Mine Outer Space Pier Pistol Planet Plunder Police Police Officer Policeman Prisoner Pursuit Radar Radio Radio Broadcast Railroad Railroad Track Ray Gun Recovery Remote Control Remote Planet Rifle Roadster Robber Robbery Robot Rocket Scientist Rocket Ship Rumor Runaway Running Gunfight Scheme Science Scientist Scuba Diving Security Serial Shaft Shovel Signal Solar System Spaceship Speedboat Spy Stampede Station Stock Footage Submarine Swimming Tank Theft Thief Tied To An Anchor Tied To Anchor Tied Up Tomb Torpedo Train Train Depot Train Engineer Train Wreck Traitor Transmitter Truck Truck Driver UFO Under Sea Uranium USA Vanguard Vehicle Viaduct Violence Waterfront Weapon Wreck Zombie

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