Orphan (2009)
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Orphan 2009

Orphan: A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.

Solar rating:6 /10

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Adoption Adoptive Father Adopted Daughter Relationship Adoptive Mother Adopted Daughter Relationship Adult As Child Aging Disorder Alcoholism Altered Version Of Studio Logo Aquarium Architect Arm Cast Arson Artist Basketball Bedtime Story Begins With A Dream Bible Black Light Blood Blood Spatter Box Cutter Breaking Mirror Bridge Broken Ankle Broken Arm Brother Sister Relationship Bullying Burning Evidence Car Driven Into A House Cardiac Arrest Castration Threat Catholic Orphanage Caught Having Sex Chase Child Arsonist Child In Peril Child Murderer Child Murderess Child Swearing Child Uses Gun Child With A Gun Childs Drawing Childs Point Of View Classroom Claw Hammer Concealed Evidence Connecticut Culvert Curtsy Deaf Child Deaf Mute Death Of Father Death Of Husband Deceit Depression Diary Disturbed Child Diversion Dream Sequence Driving In Snow Drunken Man Drunkenness Dwarfism Dysfunctional Marriage Eavesdropping Emotional Abuse English Subtitles In Original Estonia Evil Child Face Slap Falling From Height Falling Through Ice Family Dinner Female Psychopath Fight To The Death Frozen Lake Frozen Pond Grand Piano Greenhouse Grieving Grocery Shopping Hearing Aid Heavy Makeup Hello Kitty Hiding In A Closet Hiding Place Hit On The Head Hit With A Hammer Hospital Internet Research Kicked In The Face Kicked In The Head Killed With A Hammer Killer Killer Child Killing A Witness Kitchen Knife Labor Lighter Fluid Lip Reading Looking At Ones Self In A Mirror Manipulation Memorial Garden Mens Magazine Mental Hospital Mental Torture Mother In Law Daughter In Law Relationship Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Murder Attempt Murderer Neck Breaking New Student Nightmare No Opening Credits Nun Old Fashioned Manners One Word Title Orphan Orphan Girl Paintball Gun Painting Passing For Younger Piano Piano Teacher Pigeon Playground Playing Piano Police Tape Power Outage Pregnancy Psychiatrist Psycho Killer Psycho Thriller Pushed From Height Pushed In Front Of A Vehicle Race Against Time Rear Entry Sex Recovering Alcoholic Red Wine Reference To Little Bo Peep Removing Makeup Revolver Ribbon Ribbon In Hair Runaway Vehicle Russian Accent Russian Roulette Scar Screaming Sedation Seduction Seduction Attempt Self Inflicted Injury Self Injury Serial Killer Sex Sex In Kitchen Shot In The Arm Sibling Rivalry Sign Language Singing To Ones Self Sleeping Child Smothered With A Pillow Smothered With Pillow Snowstorm Sociopath Sole Black Character Dies Cliche Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed Multiple Times Stabbed To Death Sterility Stillbirth Subjective Camera Suborning A Witness Suspense Tantrum Telephone Call Title Spoken By Character Tourniquet Traffic Light Tree House Treehouse Trickery Troubled Marriage Underwater Fight Unsubtitled Foreign Language Urinating In Fear Villain Not Really Dead Cliche Vintage Clothing Wheelchair White Rose Wine Bottle Winter Winter Time

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