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10 Year Old 1930s Adoption Alcoholic Bald Man Based On Comic Based On Stage Musical Bathtub Bathtub Gin Billionaire Braided Hair Bucket Businessman Capitalism Cartwheel Character Name In Title Chase Chauffeur Child As Main Character Childs Point Of View Children Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City Closet Cruelty Crying Cult Favorite Curly Hair Dancer Dancing Dead Mouse Democrat Dog Dogcatcher Dormitory Dress Drink Drinking Drunkenness Father Daughter Relationship Fight Foot Chase Franklin D Roosevelt Gardener Great Depression Handstand Kicked In The Shin Laundry Laundry Basket Laundry Man Laundry Truck Lifting Person In Air Limousine Little Girl Little Orphan Annie Liverpool England Locket Male Female Relationship Manhattan New York City Mansion Microphone Mopping Floor Mother Daughter Relationship Movie Theatre Mutt New York New York City One Word Title Orphan Orphan Girl Orphanage Orphaned Girl Pig Latin Pillow Fight Police Policeman Politics Poverty Pulled By The Ear Punch Radio Radio City Music Hall Manhattan New York City Radio Commercial Radio Program Red Dress Redhead Redhead Girl Reference To Bette Davis Reference To Fred Astaire Reference To Ginger Rogers Reference To Greta Garbo Reference To J Edgar Hoover Reference To The Buddha Reference To Walter Winchell Reference To William Randolph Hearst Republican Rockettes Runaway Running Scrubbing Floor Seduction Singer Singing Somersault Song Stray Dog Sweater Swimming Pool Tiffanys Tin Can Tin Can Tied To Tail Tomboy Underwear Uniform Ventriloquist Washing Window Wealth Whistle Young Girl

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