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Acid Adolf Hitler Angel Of Death Animal Killing Anti Heroine Arch Villain Arm Blown Off Assassin Back From The Dead Based On Comic Beating Belly Dancer Blood Box Office Flop Breaking The Fourth Wall Bullet Proof Vest Bulletproof Vest Business Suit Card Game Cat Cemetery Character Name In Title Chest Childhood Sweetheart Cigarette Smoking Coffin Copier Coroner Corpse Crime Fighter Critically Bashed Cult Favorite Dead Policeman Death Death Of Father Detective Diamond Doctor Domino Mask Electrocution Exploding Body Explosion Extreme Closeup Falling Down Stairs Falling From Height Falling Through A Window False Eyelashes Father Daughter Relationship Fedora Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Femme Fatale Flashback Frog Funeral Glove Golden Fleece Grenade Hand From Grave Hat Head Ripped Off Healing Henchman Hero Hit By A Truck Hit In The Crotch Immortality Impalement Injection Jumping From A Rooftop Katana Sword Kicked In The Face Kiss Knife Throwing Knocked Out Locket Love Triangle Mask Masked Superhero Mugging Nazi Nazi Uniform Necklace Necktie Police Commissioner Police Officer Police Officer Killed Police Officer Shot Police Officer Shot In The Neck Policewoman Pond Pushed Out A Window Rent Reporter Revolving Door Ribcage Robber Salt Samurai Scientist Scuba Secret Identity Severed Finger Severed Foot Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot To Death Sliced In Two Snow Stabbed In The Chest Stabbing Storm Drain Suicide Suit And Tie Super Strength Superhero Surgeon Swastika Sword Teeth Thigh Boot Threatened With A Knife Throwing Star Thug Tied To A Chair Title Spoken By Character Twin Unarmed Hero Underwater Scene Vase Vigilante Villain Virtual Set Voice Over Narration Womanizer

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