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555 Phone Number Action Hero Actor Meets Character Actor Playing Himself Actor Talks To Audience Actress Playing Herself Airbag Axe Axe Murderer B Movie Big Truck Black And White Scene Box Office Flop Boy Sidekick Breaking A Glass Window Bullet Proof Vest Bulletproof Vest Cameo Appearance Car Chase Car Crash Cartoon Cat Cartoon Reality Crossover Chase Child Driving Car Child In Peril Child With Gun Childs Point Of View Cigar Smoking Classical Music Corpse Corrupt Cop Crane Criminal Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Cult Movie Cast Dead Body Death Death Of Son Deceit Deja Vu Desert Eagle Die Hard Scenario Dinosaur Doberman Double Cross Driving Through A Wall Dynamite Electrocution Evil Man Exploding Body Exploding Car Exploding Fart Exploding Helicopter Exploding House Exploding Truck Face Slap Falling From Height Falling Off A Roof Family Relationships Fantasy Sequence Fart Joke Father Daughter Relationship Father Figure Film Premiere Film Within A Film Flame Paint Flashback Funeral Gangster Gatling Gun Glass Eye Grim Reaper Hamlet Spoof Hand Slap Handcuffed To A Pipe Handcuffs Head Through Wall Healing Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Henchman Hero Hollywood Sign Home Invasion Invisible Barrier Jumping From A Rooftop Kick Door In Kicked In The Crotch Kicked In The Groin Killed On Day Before Retirement Kiss Knife In Thigh Lasersight Life Imitates Art Los Angeles California Los Angeles Storm Drain Mafia Magic Magic Object Man Punching A Woman Manhattan New York City Mansion Mother Son Relationship Movie Cliques Movie Poster Movie Premiere Movie Reality Crossover Movie Reference Movie Theater Murder Mushroom Cloud Neck Breaking New York City No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Nun With Gun Old Man Playing Chicken Police Police Officer Killed Premature Ejaculation Projectionist Pun Punched In The Face Punching Through A Car Window Roaring Satire Self Parody Self Referential Sharpshooter Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Head Shot To Death Spinning Axe Spoof Stabbed In The Leg Statue Stealing A Car Stereotype Stunt Sunglasses Switchblade Tar Tar Pits Taxi Threatened With Knife Thrown Through Wall Ticket Times Square Manhattan New York City Truck Video Store Violence Weapon White Suit Worried Mother

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