Ride the High Country (1962)
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Ride the High Country 1962

Ride the High Country: Aging ex-marshal Steve Judd is hired by a bank to transport a gold shipment through dangerous territory. He hires an old partner, Gil Westrum, and his young protege Heck to assist him. Steve doesnt know, however, that Gil and Heck plan to steal the gold, with or without Steves help. On the trail, the three get involved in a young womans desire to escape first from her father, then from her fiance and his dangerously psychotic brothers.

Solar rating:6 /10

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1890s 49er Aging Ambiguity Ambush Aspen Bank Bank Guard Bank Teller Barn Bartender Bathroom Belly Dancer Bet Betrayal Bible Bigotry Bouncer Brawl Bride Bridesmaid Brothel Brother Brother Relationship Businessman California Calliope Camel Camel Race Campfire Carnival Champagne Chicken Chinaman Chinese Restaurant Coming Of Age Contract Corral Courier Court Cowboy Boot Creek Crow Dancer Dancing Dead Body Death Deputy Dime Domestic Violence Drink Drinking Drunken Judge Drunkenness Dying Ethics Expediency Eyeglasses Face Slap Family Honor Farm Farmer Father Daughter Relationship Federal Marshal Fight Fistfight Flagstaff Arizona Folsom Prison Friend Friendship Frontier Girl Dressed As A Boy Girl Dressed As Boy Glacier Gold Gold Mine Gold Rush Gold Shipment Gratitude Grave Grave Digger Gravestone Guard Gun Gunfight Gunfighter Hay High Sierras Hole In Boot Sole Hole In Ones Boot Sole Hole In The Wall Bunch Horse Horse And Wagon Horse Race Horse Riding Horseless Carriage Husband Wife Relationship Idaho Incest Judge Kiss Knife Knocked Out Lake Lawman Lead Actors Last Film Long Underwear Loss Of Brother Madam Male Female Relationship Marital Separation Marksmanship Marriage Marriage Annulment Marriage Engagement Marshal Memory Miner Mining Camp Morality Mortician Mountain Mountain Lion Murder Old Man Partner Passed Out Petticoat Pocatello Idaho Policeman Prayer Prostitute Rancher Redemption Religious Fanatic Restaurant Rifle Robbery Runaway Saddlebags Saloon Self Respect Shaving Shooting Gallery Shooting Game Shootout Shot In The Face Showdown Sideshow Singer Singing Sleeping Small Town Snow Soaking Feet Soaking Ones Feet Song Spirituality Stealing From A Dead Body Stealing From Dead Body Talking Through A Window Talking Through Window Target Shooting Theft Thief Tied Up Tossed Into A Watering Trough Tossed Into Watering Trough Travelling Show Unconsciousness Washing Dishes Watering Trough Wedding Wedding Dress Wedding Night Whore Whorehouse Widower Wife Abuse

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