Restraining Order (1999)
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Restraining Order 1999

Restraining Order: Robert Woodfield is a criminal defense attorney, and he has defended a lot of criminals, many of whom are guilty, but has maintained that everyone deserves a competent defense, which he provides whether they are guilty or not. he is defending Martin Ritter, a killer, whom he gets off. Later he has dinner with a friend, and his friend tells him that he needs to talk to him about something important. He is about to leave when some masked men go to his friend and kill him, when one of the men takes off his mask; its Martin Ritter. Now being his lawyer, Robert cant say anything about what he saw. But that doesnt stop him from investigating what his dead friend was so worried about. It seems that he has stumbled onto something big, and instead of killing him they frame his wife for murder to get him to back off. But he doesnt and both his wife and him are now in danger. And still has no idea whats going on. Will he find out before they get to him?

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