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1930s 1940s 1990s Accountant Amputee Anti Semitism Ashes Auschwitz Bankruptcy Based On Book Bathtub Birthday Cake Birthday Party Black & White To Color Black And White Segues Into Color Black Market Blockbuster Blood Blood Spatter Bribe Bribery Bunk Bed Bureaucracy Businessman Candle Caning Catholic Church Cemetery Character Name In Title Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Child Execution Child In Peril Child Murder Children Christ Allegory Cigarette Smoking Coda Color Element In Black And White Film Color Tint Compassion Concentration Camp Conflicted Hero Conscience Construction Site Convertible Corporal Punishment Cremation Cruelty Crying Cynicism Czechoslovakia Dark Hero Dead Children Death Death Of Title Character Degradation Dehumanization Drunk Soldier Drunkenness Employer Employee Relationship Entrepreneur Epic Evil Execution Extramarital Affair Factory Factory Owner Famous Score Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Finance Fire Hose Forgery Forgiveness Freight Train Friendship Genocide German German Army German Soldier Ghetto Gift Good Deed Good Versus Evil Gramophone Group Shower Guilt Haircut Hanged Man Hanging Hate Hatred Hero Heroism Hiding In A Closet Hiding Jews Hiding Place Hiding Under A Bed Hitler Youth Holocaust Holocaust Victim Rescuer Honor Hope Human Monster Husband Wife Relationship Idealism Industrialist Inspiring Story Jail Jew Jewish Jewish Ghetto Job Interview Krakow Poland Labor Camp Little Boy Little Girl Loss Of Child Luggage Machine Gun Maid Male Frontal Nudity Male Nudity Manicure Marriage Mass Grave Massacre Mercy Metaphorical Language Mirror Munitions Factory Murder Nazi Nazi Collaborator Nazi Occupied Poland Nazi Retaliation Nazi Uniform Nightclub No Opening Credits No Panties Nudity Occupied Nation One Armed Man Outhouse Parallel Montage Party Peace Piano Pistol Whip Pogrom Polish Jew Prayer Premarital Sex Profiteering Prologue Pyre Rabbi Racial Slur Racism Railway Station Redemption Reference To Greta Garbo Reference To Karl Marx Repeated Line Rescue Responsibility Righteous Among The Nations Righteous Rage Ring Ruthlessness Sabotage Saboteur Sadism Sentimentalism Sewer Sex Sexuality Shaving Shot In The Head Shot To Death Shower Slave Labor Smoke Sniper Split Lip SS SS Officer Subjective Camera Swastika Tooth Extraction Torture Tragic Hero Two Word Title Typewriter Urination Violence Visual Metaphor War Crime Wedding Wet T Shirt What Happened To Epilogue Whipping Widow Womanizer Work Ethic Wristwatch WWII

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