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1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s Actor Shares First Name With Character Anger Arrest Arson Assassin Babysitter Bad Guy Bar Bar Fight Based On Novel Based On True Story Beating Betrayal Black Comedy Blood Spatter Blow Job Breaking The Fourth Wall Brooklyn New York City Brother Brother Relationship Business Cameo Christmas Cigarette Smoking Cocaine Cold Open Confrontation Contraband Copacabana Corpse Cosa Nostra Courtroom Crime Epic Crying Cult Favorite Dark Comedy Dark Humor Death Of Friend Deception Diner Dolly Zoom Domestic Violence Double Date Drug Dealing Drug Enforcement Drugs Dumpster Epic Ethnic Slur Exhumation Extortion Extramarital Affair Extreme Gore Extreme Violence Face Slap Fake Commercial Father Son Relationship Fellatio Foot Blown Off Freeze Frame Friendship Frozen Body Frozen Corpse Gangster Gangster Boss Gore Growing Up Half Jewish Head Blown Off Heist Helicopter Hitman Hospital Informer Insult Interfaith Marriage Irish American Irish Italian Italian American Italian Food Jewish Jewish Wedding Juvenile Delinquent Kicked In The Face Lion Long Take Machismo Mafia Mailman Maniac Mass Murder Mob Hit Mob Violence Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Multiple Narrators Murder Neo Noir New York New York City Nightclub Nonlinear Timeline One Word Title Organized Crime Paranoia Pasta Person In Car Trunk Phone Booth Pistol Whip Poker Police Corruption Police Surveillance Prison Psychopath Racial Comment Racial Slur Real Life Mother And Daughter Playing Mother And Daughter Reference To Sammy Davis Jr Restaurant Revenge Rise And Fall Robbery Sexual Harassment Shallow Grave Shopping Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Face Shot In The Foot Shot In The Head Smuggling Stabbed In The Head Stabbing Stood Up Strong Language Stuttering Tampa Florida Title Spoken By Character Toilet Tough Guy Toupee Tragic Event Trial Vertigo Shot Violence Voice Over Narration Vomit Wedding Wedding Reception Whacking What Happened To Epilogue Wheelchair Whipping Witness Protection Witness Protection Program Zoo

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