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Agent Airplane Airport Ambulance Anagram Animal In Cast Credits Animal In Title Autopsy Bad Guy Bahamas Baltimore Maryland Based On Book Based On Ed Gein Based On Novel Basement Basement Pit Beaten To Death Blockbuster Blood Spatter Cannibal Cannibalism Chess Classical Music Cocoon Contemporary Setting Corpse Couch Courthouse Dark Past Detective Disembowelment Door Bell Drugstore Effeminacy Elevator Elevator Shaft Entomologist Escape Evil Man Famous Line Fat Girl FBI FBI Trainee Female FBI Agent Flashback Flirting Friendship Funeral Home Gay Stereotype Good Versus Evil Gore Gothic Graduation Handcuffs Hannibal Lecter Haunted By The Past Head In A Jar Heroine Homosexuality Human Monster Illinois Investigation Jail Break Kidnapping Library Loss Of Daughter Loss Of Father Mace Male Frontal Nudity Man With Glasses Mangina Maniac Maryland Mask Masturbation Maximum Security Mental Institution Memphis Tennessee Mental Illness Mind Game Moth Movie With Surprise Ending Moving Furniture Murder Murder Investigation Music Box Mutilation Neo Noir Night Vision Goggles Object Made Of Body Part Object Made Of Human Skin Obstacle Course Ohio Orphan Police Police Officer Killed Police Training Poodle Dog Prison Psychiatrist Psycho Thriller Psychoanalysis Psychology Psychopath Pursuit Rescue Revenge Rookie Cop Secret Past Semen Senator Sequel Serial Killer Severed Face Severed Head Sewing Sexual Identity Shootout Skinning Smithsonian Institution Sociopath Storage Facility Strait Jacket Suicide Suspense SWAT Team Television News Tragic Heroine Tragic Past Transsexual Transvestism Traumatic Childhood Unhappy Childhood Villain Violence Virginia Wake Washington DC Water Well Wearing Human Skin West Virginia

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