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1940s 1944 Act Of God All Male Cast Ambush American American Flag American Soldier Anti Semitism Army Army Ranger Based On True Story Battle Beach Bell Tower Bilingualism Black Humor Blindfold Blockbuster Blood On Camera Lens Blood Spatter Blown To Pieces Bravery Bridge Browning Automatic Rifle Budding Friendship Bunker Burial Burning Tank Canteen Cemetery Chance Character Name In Title Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Church Collision Course Combat Combat Casualty Compass Controversy Cowardice Crushed To Death D Day Dark Hero Dark Humor Dark Past Dead Soldier Death Notice Death Of Friend Death Of Hero Decapitation Desaturated Colors Deserted Town Destiny Disembowelment Dismemberment Disorientation Divine Intervention Dog Tag Drowning Dying Words Epic Exploding Body Exploding Building Exploding Tank Explosion Extreme Violence Fate Fighter Bomber Attack Flamethrower Friendship General Gore Gramophone Graphic Violence Halftrack Hand Grenade Hand Tremor Helmet Heroism Infantry Inspiring Story Invasion Iowa Jewish Killed In Action Killing Landmine Last Stand Letter Loss Of Brother Loss Of Son Machine Gun Machine Gun Nest Main Character Dies Male Bonding Male Camaraderie Male Crying Male Friendship Mass Grave Medic Mercy Military Military Officer Mistaken Identity Molotov Cocktail Morphine Mutilation No Opening Credits Nonlinear Timeline Normandy Omaha Beach One Last Job Optimism Optimist Person On Fire Plane Wreck Poetic Justice Prayer Prisoner Of War Rainstorm Realization Reconnaissance Reference To Betty Boop Reference To Betty Grable Repeated Line Rescue Rescue Mission Ruins Search Seaside Second Chance Secret Past Self Sacrifice Serendipity Severed Arm Severed Leg Shelling Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Face Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Leg Shot To Death Silhouette Silhouettes Skepticism Skip Motion Sniper Soldier Speculation Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed To Death Stabbing Star Spangled Banner Tank Teacher Three Word Title Tinnitus Title Spoken By Character Tommy Gun Translator Trench Underwater Scene Uniform Unsubtitled Foreign Language US Army Violence Vomit War Crime War Memorial War Violence Washington DC WWII WWII In France WWII Veteran

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