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1950s 1955 1980s 1985 555 Phone Number Altering History Alternate History Audio Feedback Automobile Band Barn Battle Of The Bands Bicycle Blockbuster Breakfast Machine Bulletproof Vest Bully Bully Comeuppance Cafeteria Car Trouble Chase Clock Clock Tower Computer Cracker Crush Cult Favorite Delorean DMC 12 Destiny Diner Dog Dysfunctional Family Falling From A Tree Family Relationships Father Son Relationship Fire Fire Extinguisher First Date First Kiss First Of Series Flying Car Geek Girl Next Door Guitar Hanging From A Clock Helicopter High School Hit By A Car Interrupted Kiss Inventor Irish American Jeep Lifting Someone Into The Air Lightning Love At First Sight Malt Shop Manure Mistaken Identity Mother Son Relationship Movie With Surprise Ending Nuclear Power Paradox Parking Lot Part Of Trilogy Peeping Tom Pepsi Person In A Car Trunk Photograph Picture Plutonium Political Campaign Product Placement Raccoon Cap Race Against Time Racial Slur Reagan On Television Reference To Chuck Berry Reference To Jerry Lewis Reference To Pepsi Reference To Ronald Reagan Remote Control Car Reversal Of Fortune Rube Goldberg Machine Scale Model Of City School Dance Self Fulfillment Self Worth Sequel Mentioned During End Credits Shopping Mall Shotgun Skateboard Slow Motion Scene Small Town Spit Take Suburbia Teenage Boy Telescope Television Television News Terrorist Thunderstorm Time Machine Time Travel Title Spoken By Character Underage Drinking Underwear Unwanted Kiss Video Camera Waking Up In Strange Surroundings

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