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2000s 555 Phone Number Altered Version Of Studio Logo Altering History Alternate Future Alternative Timeline Ambulance Answering Machine ATF ATF Agent Bag Over Head Bare Chested Male Bayou Blackout Blood Blood Spatter Boat Chase Body Bag Body In A Trunk Bomb Bound And Gagged Bourbon Street Bridge Broken Windshield Burned Alive Burnt Body Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash Cardiac Arrest Cat Cell Phone Cemetery Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Child Murder Cigarette Smoking Confession Corpse Crime Scene Death Death Of Child Death Of Daughter Death Of Friend Death Of Partner Death Of Protagonist Diary Dock Dragging Body Driving In The Wrong Direction Duct Tape Over Mouth Dying Repeatedly Earring Ex Marine Exploding Boat Exploding Body Exploding Car Explosion Falling In Love Fat Tuesday Father Daughter Relationship FBI Agent Ferry Boat Finger Cut Off Flashback Freeze Frame Funeral Gasoline Gun Under Pillow Held At Gunpoint Hit By A Car Hospital Hostage Hummer Interrogation Investigation Laser Pointer Machine Gun Male Rear Nudity Man Crushed By Car Man Punching A Woman Mass Murder Morgue Motorcycle Movie With Surprise Ending Murder New Orleans Louisiana Note Patriotism Person On Fire Phone Booth Pistol Polaroid Camera Police Officer Killed Punched In The Face Race Against Time Rain Reference To Einstein Reference To Snow White Reflection In A Car Mirror Repeated Event Repeated Line Restaurant Sailor Scratching Face Set On Fire Severed Arm Severed Finger Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shot Through A Door Shot To Death Shower Slow Motion Scene Stolen Ambulance Stolen Car Streetcar Subjective Camera Surveillance SWAT Team Talking To Ones Self In A Mirror Terrorism Terrorist Tied To A Chair Time Travel Topless Female Nudity Underwater Scene Woman In Bra Writing On A Body

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