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1300s 13th Century 14th Century Adultery Ambush Archery Arranged Marriage Arrow In The Ass Axe In The Chest Bagpipes Bannockburn Barn Battering Ram Battle Battle Axe Beautiful Woman Betrayal Blockbuster Blood Blood Spatter Bravery Brotherhood Burial Burned Alive Castle Catholic Cautery Cavalry Childhood Friend Childhood Sweetheart Christ Allegory Combat Controversy Corpse Courage Crushed Head Cult Favorite Dead Children Death Decapitation Directed By Star Disembowelment Disguise Dismemberment Drawn And Quartered Dream Edinburgh Scotland England English Epic Execution Fall From Height Famous Score Farmer Father Son Relationship Female Nudity Fight Fire Flaming Arrow Forest Freedom French Friendship Funeral Gay Son Gay Stereotype Gore Handkerchief Hanged Child Hanging Historically Inaccurate Homosexuality Honor Horse Horse Killed Idealism Impalement Inspiring Story Irish Joust Kilt Knighthood Legend Leprosy London England Loss Of Brother Loss Of Father Loss Of Wife Love Main Character Dies Male Female Relationship Male Frontal Nudity Male Nudity Marriage Proposal Martyr Mass Hanging Massacre Medieval Medieval Times Middle Ages Mooning Murder Nationalism Nightmare No Opening Credits Nobility One Word Title Plantagenet Politics Prayer Pregnancy Prince Of Wales Princess Prison Prologue Public Execution Rainstorm Rape Revenge Revolt Robert The Bruce Royal Claimant Scot Scotland Scottish Accent Scottish Highlands Secret Marriage Severed Head Siege Spear Speech Subtitled Scene Sword Sword And Sandal Sword Fight Sword Throwing Thistle Throat Slitting Thrown Through Window Topless Female Nudity Torture Tortured To Death Tragic Event Tragic Hero Tyranny Uncle Violence Voice Over Narration War Cry War Violence Warrior Wedding Wedding Night Wedding Reception Weight Throwing

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