The House That Jack Built (2009)
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The House That Jack Built 2009

The House That Jack Built: The film tells the story of Jack Filice Jr., an heir to a Hollywood Italian-American dynasty. As his father, Jack Sr.(played Tony-award winning Joe Mantegna), lays dying, he asks his only son to preserve the family estate, and to never tear it down. The pact is made, but within a year, the cocky young music producer, demolishes the estate and builds his party palace. On the night of Jacks house warming party, friends and family party into the early morning, unaware of the monstrous spirit who returns to murder them one-by-one, until only his grandson is left to destroy. GRANDPA JACK takes human form and systematically executes the guests. Having to do battle with the demon, Jacks own memories emerge that have been haunting him for years in nightmares. On one fateful night 23 years ago, three year old Jack Jr. witnessed the gruesome murder of his own mother, Hannah, at the hands of his own grandfather. Having buried the event inside his head, and told over and over that his mother had committed suicide, Jacks life was one of pain and confusion. But now, after breaking a sacred deathbed oath, Jacks own demons re-surface; and he must do battle with the one demon who all but destroyed his life: his own grandfather. In the action-filled climax, Jack Jr. must take on the spirit himself to rid the world and himself of this evil. But he finds he cant fight the old bastard alone... and gets help from a shocking source: HIS MOTHER. The spirit of Hannah Filice returns to take on the man who brutally killed her, and thus, fights to save the life of the little boy, now a grown man, who is about to die at the hands of the same monster who destroyed her some 20 years ago. The screenplay has received great buzz in Hollywood for its fresh take on an established genre; in addition, for its well-rounded characters and yes, wry humor. But THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT is also a terrifying story of violence, family secrets and lies; and creates a world where life and death seem to weld together, where the afterlife may not be so after, afterall.

Solar rating:6 /10

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